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Businesses attend trade shows for one purpose: exposure. Trade shows are also great opportunities to network with people, meet investors and potential customers and also size up their competition. It’s an active floor with lots of chatter and things going on, so you always need to find some way to stand out from the crowd in order to expose your business and grow your company. This is where personalisation can come in handy. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider to personalising your trade show stand the next time you attend an event:

  1. Gives you easy visibility

 By utilising cost-effective digital printing methods such as direct to textiles (such as scarves and ties), transfer printing and screen printing,  your staff and business can be made easily recognisable from others there. These slight changes draw attention and interest to your business and sometimes can even be great starting talking points! We find logo mats are a big hit at events like this as they reinforce your brand and instantly make your business much more prominent.

Printing direct to material is sometimes considered the best digital printing method to use if you want to get some easy visibility. You can use digital images to suggest a design to a printing company, meaning you can simply make something yourself and send your idea over. It’s cost-effective for short production runs, and the detail and range of colours you have available are fantastic, offering you plenty of options for whatever you want to create.

  1. Makes you look more professional and trustworthy

 If you want to appear trustworthy to potential investors and customers, then you need to modify your stand so that your business draws people’s interest.  This can easily be achieved with some simple changes, such as customised banners, signs, cushions etc that distinguish you from all the other attendees and instantly reinforce that you should be taken seriously. Customised assets paired with your business cards are a sure step to demonstrating your businesses professionalism and dependability.

  1. Stand out from the rest of the crowd

 Standing out is sometimes the best method of gaining exposure. Having personalised scarves and ties, which Citrus Rain offer, are not only different to typical customised material, but equally will make your business easily recognisable. Logo mats, custom cushions, scarves, ties and printed tablecloths are a great way to do this, and are all offered by Citrus Rain, and materials that other companies may not have – which is beneficial for you.  Standing out is a great wait to gain exposure and interest at events like these and something we at Citrus Rain would definitely recommend.

  1. You’re putting your reputation on the line

 Making a public appearance is putting your company’s reputation on the line and businesses should see spending money on personalised materials at events like this as an investment. Always make sure you are visible, look interesting and easily approachable to get the most out of a trade show, as first impressions are not easily forgotten. 

  1. Makes you easy to approach

 Lastly, you need to make you and your business easy to approach personalising your stand so that it’s fresh and inviting for people. Offer them small personalised gifts, use a large banner to let them clearly see what you’re offering, and draw in those crowds by exposing your business as much as possible.

As you can see, personalising your trade show stand comes with many advantages that simply can’t be ignored. For a small investment in digital printing, you could boost interaction with the visitors and bolster your company’s reputation with simple and easy changes. Brand reinforcement is something that should always be taken seriously, it’s a great investment and something we at Citrus Rain will always stand behind.

Let us know what personalised items you include at shows you have been to – we would love to hear about your experiences! If you want any more advice or information on the services we offer at trade shows, please get in contact with us here. We’re always happy to help.

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