Bespoke gym towels can be a superb way to boost brand awareness and add an extra little touch of refinement, with a product that also serves an important role.

For any quality gym, it is of course essential to have good quality towels for patrons – whether this is a supply permanently on-hand, or individual towels gifted as part of membership.

However, besides the function, they can also be an extra tool in your branding repertoire if high quality, high definition printing is used to create vibrant towels with a design that lasts.


At Citrus Rain, we are experts in both aspects. Our gym towels are of superb quality, using microfibre technology to ensure superb drying performance and also to remove up to 99% of bacteria.

We also stand apart through our ability to print any client request on to the towels. It is this level of printing expertise that has seen us work with Lego, the BBC, Mastercard, Adidas, Virgin and the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games – in all instances producing stunning, printed garments and accessories.

However, our printing technology does not differentiate, every client gets the same high quality.

Our bespoke gym towels are used by UK gym chains, but also by smaller independent gyms, individual sports clubs and local sports clubs.

Keeping Patrons Dry

The core function of a gym towel is to have a superb drying performance.

As you may know, microfibre towels greatly outperform cotton or any other rival material. Our towels dry the body up to four times faster than other materials, and they can also be used in smaller sizes because of this absorption.

Rather than requiring bulky towels to be carried around, relatively small towels can perform the same task – this also making laundry far quicker and more economical.

Our towels come in three standard size options, with a 49cm x 75cm fitness towel common for gyms. We also provide 76cm x 120cm swimming towels, as well as smaller towels typically used as golf towels.

Benefits of Microfibre Gym Towles

Microfibre towels are lightweight at just 267g/m2 yet they also have unmatched absorption.

These towels are also a hygienic choice, they remove up to 99% of bacteria when used to wipe surfaces – in the gym this could be the wiping down of equipment post use. It goes without saying that the removal of bacteria and germs has never been more important.

To clean these towels, less water and detergent is required and so they are both quicker to launder, but also kinder to the environment.

Highest Quality Printing

You may already be sold on the benefits of microfibre towels, but why consider Citrus Rain for the bespoke printing?

It is easy to speak of providing excellent service and having world-class printing, but the proof lies in past jobs and satisfied clients.

We work with so many brands for whom image is essential because we invest in the very latest printing technology. This ensures that any design, however complex, however great the contrast between colours, can be faithfully reproduced on to virtually any fabric.

To see the quality for yourself, you can order a free fabric swatch.

Our testimonials are universally positive, two recent examples including.

“Thank you so much for being so responsive in our last-minute dash to get printed Micro-fibre towels for Leeds International Beer Festival. They were delivered on time, looked great and went down a treat. The crowds really did love them.”

“We distributed the Stockport Volleyball towels to the team last night before training, everyone delighted, and we can’t believe just how well they work – not that we ever doubted you!

“The brand looks great and really finishes off the rest of the kit. Many thanks.”

Bespoke Gym Towels Key Details

Why Consider Citrus Rain

We are hugely proud of our reputation for quality and reliability. On-site, we have numerous testimonials from previous customers – these with details of the business we supplied and the nature of the order.

On Google, we have a full five-start review average.

You can chat with us prior to any order to discuss your requirements and we can advise as to the best options to suit your needs – you may be unsure which fabric would be most suitable, allow us to help.

Please call us today on 0161 320 3637 or use our Contact Form.