Bespoke wallpaper from Citrus Rain is no ordinary wallpaper.

At Citrus Rain, we are experts in digital printing onto any type of textile. We can faithfully recreate any design onto smooth or textured wallpaper, to any scale, in full colour and high resolution.

Brighten up your home or recreate your business with custom designed wallpaper. Your walls can send a message to the people who enter them; it’s up to you what you want to say!

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bespoke printed wallpaper of land


Why customise your wallpaper?

In the past, we have outfitted restaurants, offices, shop units, reception areas, schools, hospitals and private homes with bespoke wallpaper.

Before you redecorate your property, think about the possibilities of putting your own design onto your walls.

Well decorated walls can cause an impact on the people who see them, whether this is a nice feeling that makes them want to stay in the space, or a message to take away with them.

Citrus Rain is capable of digitally printing anything onto wallpaper, including artwork, photographs, logos, quotes and other text.

Whether you want to keep people interested as they wait for an appointment, or showcase one of your own pieces of artwork at home, bespoke wallpaper is a creative and affordable solution.


Key Features of Bespoke Wallpaper











Why consider Citrus Rain’s bespoke wallpaper?

Citrus Rain is a leader in the textile design industry thanks to our innovative digital printing technique. We are hugely proud of our reputation for quality and reliability.

As part of the Manchester Manufacturing Group, we aim to help reshore textile manufacture to the UK.

We understand that many of our clients have tight budgets or deadlines to keep to when it comes to redecorating. As such, we strive to keep our prices affordable and our services fast and flexible.

On-site, we have numerous testimonials from previous customers.

Please call 0161 320 3637 or contact us online with enquiries.