Citrus Rain offers branded cushion printing in high quality and at competitive prices.

We can digitally print any image in high resolution, to your exact specifications.

Branded cushions, embossed with your logo or personalised design, are a subtle and creative way of gaining visibility for your brand.

We offer a selection of textile choices and sizes to ensure that we can make your vision a reality.

Contact us online or on 0161 320 3637 to talk through your initial ideas.


bespoke printed cushion for Estrella Galicia in black and white


Why bother with branded cushions?

Cushions are a design item. They change the look and feel of a room to something more welcoming.

Having cushions around the office is one way of making the space more relaxed for visitors, clients and employees. Investing in cushions is a method of broadcasting that you are an approachable and amenable organisation who care about people’s comfort.

Now, branded cushions are a sneaky tool that not only put people at ease, but market your business at the same time. They are there in the background, displaying an image that will find its way into people’s memory by osmosis.

You could put your logo onto a cushion cover; an event slogan; a photograph or sample of your artwork. Whatever design you require, branded cushions can ensure that it catches people’s attention.

Note: our bulk method of manufacturing means that we have a minimum order size of 10 cushion covers. Within this, you can choose from a range of designs or sizes; the covers do not have to be identical.



Our quality cushion cover fabrics are:

You can order a free fabric swatch here, to sample material before committing to a choice.


Panama  – our standard fabric, this is a heavyweight and highly durable material with a matt appearance that brings out the colour in printed designs.

Satinfor a more luxurious finish, this versatile, mid weight fabric provides a lush texture that has excellent drape potential.

Suede – an extremely soft, brushed texture fabric that provides a comfortable yet functional feel.

Rib – a high performance, upholstery weight fabric with a pronounced surface texture that gives the fabric print an extra dimension.

Silk Twill – a light to medium weight fabric, silk twill is a natural silk fibre weaved into a structured matt surface for a perfect printing base.


bespoke printed cushions close up for black material


UK Printed Cushion Cover Features


Size – We can print your branded cushions to three standard sizes: 45 x 45cm, 60 x 60cm and 50 x 30cm. If these do not suit you, get in touch to discuss bespoke sizing options.

Design – The Citrus Rain digital printing process is capable of printing any image in full colour and high resolution. There are no limitations to your design options. We can print double-sided, we can print from edge-to-edge, we can print in patterns. Go ahead and be creative!

Features – We finish our branded cushion covers with two types of fastening: concealed zips and poly-cotton envelopes. Depending on how you want your cushion to look, both have their own merits.

You can also choose to incorporate piping into your design. Personalised labels that add an additional custom touch can be sewn into the seams or the cushion surface.

Note: filler cushions are not automatically included in your order but we do offer them at an added cost.

Delivery – Dispatch of your cushion covers is usually within 15 working days, though this can vary according to the size of the order and the season. If you need a speedier delivery, contact our sales team to be fast tracked.


branded cushions


How to order branded cushions:

Once you have made an initial enquiry and we have talked through your design ideas, we will send you an estimated quote via email. We can then agree on a design proof for your branded cushions before going to print. Printing takes place at our Manchester facility where the product is also quality inspected before being wrapped, packed and shipped. We track the delivery of all orders.


About Citrus Rain Textile Printers

We are a UK textile printer and manufacturer who are known for our high-quality digital printing and commitment to the UK textile industry. We believe that competitively priced, local manufacture is an asset when it comes to fast and flexible production of stock in convenient volumes.

Our services are adaptable to a range of textile products from branded cushion covers and tablecloths, to roller blinds, scarves and bespoke textile projects.

We have had the pleasure to work on some exciting projects over the years, with clients such as Lego, Virgin, Adidas and the 2012 Olympic Games.

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