Virgin Trains Roller Blinds

Virgin Trains Roller Blinds

Virgin Trains approached us with a need to communicate simple instructions to their customers while their ticket offices were not manned, the solution for which needed to reflect their brand and culture.

Our answer was to produce a number of branded Virgin Train commercial roller blinds for use at each of their stations.

These blinds were printed with the iconic┬áVirgin red brand colour, their┬álogo and a clear message that advised customers of the ticket staff’s location when various offices were closed during the day.

Our team offered the most appropriate fabric from our commercial roller blinds range, a class B1 flame retardant fabric with blackout properties, which ensured a crisp and clean image to the required brand colours, while also meeting the stringent fire regulations required of a commercial environment.

We also printed the design and manufactured the blinds so that the image was facing outwards to meet and greet customers as they approached. Each station had differently sized ticket windows, so our blinds were tailored to fit, ensuring the design displaying correctly and a consistent look was created at all stations.

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