Here at Citrus Rain, we provide high-resolution and full-colour custom digital printing services for a range of textile products.

This enables you to print any digital-based image, whether it is your own artwork, photography, business logo or graphics, directly onto quality textiles.

The whole concept of digital printing is that is makes unique textile projects easy and affordable.

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custom digital printing


What makes digital printing so popular?

Short Runs

Short-run printing is a print-on-demand service that produces small batches of printed materials for a quick turnaround. A digital press used for small runs also has a lower unit cost, making this method of printing more cost-effective for the customer.

Custom Sizes

Custom digital printing makes it easier to offer personalised products, such as custom bags, posters, t-shirts and labels, as well as other clothing and accessories. With Citrus Rain, you can choose every design aspect of the item you order, including the size to which you’d like your image printed.

Environmentally Conscious

Traditional printing methods use a bespoke printing plate for each print job, but this is not the case with the digital process. Digital printing involves fewer materials and consequently has a smaller environmental impact.


Wholesale Custom Digital Printing UK

How It Works

The process of choosing your first digital print job is absurdly simple. All you need to do is pick the designs you’d like to print, select your fabric and garment preferences and get in touch to place your first order.

You do not necessarily need to have a textile project in mind. Although we offer a print service for specific items such as cushions, bags and tablecloths, our digital machines can print straight onto fabrics for you to get creative with at home.

Exclusive Quality Fabrics – You Can Print on Every Type of Material

We sell an extensive range of fabrics at Citrus Rain, all suitable for professional printing. We use only the best quality materials that we can source ethically.

Choosing your fabrics is one of the best parts of any textile project, but it can be difficult to select the perfect material. We can send you a free sample swatch for you to get a feel of the material before making your final decision.

Alongside silks and canvas, here are some of the most popular textiles that we store:


Your Custom Designs

With our digital textile printing method, we can print any design that can be translated into a digital format. We replicate exact colours by using industry-leading ink pigment and reactive print methods to bond the inks to the fibres of the fabric.

When sending a digital copy of your design to our platform there are some guidelines, which you can view here. Beyond that, your creativity is not restricted by anything. Whatever you’d like to print, we’re sure we can accommodate you.


Digital Print Quantity

Citrus Rain’s digital textile printing method is fast and flexible, allowing you to order in bulk and adjust your order quantity based on changing demands.

If you are a commercial customer, be assured that we operate a short run printing process that guarantees you do not miss out on business.


custom textile printing


Our Digital Textile Printing Services – Personalised Textile Printing

The first step of the printing process if for you to contact us to discuss your design ideas. Our designers can then email over a competitive quote for you to consider and draw up an accurate design proof based on your specifications.

If you like what we have to offer, your personalised design will go to print at our UK facility in Manchester.

After quality inspection, your printed delivery will be wrapped in packaging, dispatched in boxes and tracked to your door.


We dispatch our personalised products within 15 working days, but season and order quantity can change this timeframe. If you would like to look into a Fast Track option, contact our sales team.


Is digital printing expensive?

Digital printing using short runs is the cheapest printing option available. The unit price for fabric printing is generally given for 1 running metre of printed fabrics, no matter the number of colours used in the project. Ordering in bulk can grant you a bulk discount. Contact our customer service team to get a pricing quote.


Citrus Rain Digital Printers

Get reasonable rates for digital printing on our platform!

Based in Manchester, Citrus Rain supplies a great variety of competitively priced, premium textile products throughout the UK and abroad. In the past, we have worked with a range of well-known clients, such as Lego, Virgin, Adidas and the 2012 Olympic Games.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the quality of our digital printing services, but on our ability to meet the professional needs of both our private and commercial customers.

We allow customers to reduce and hold minimum stock, ensuring that they do not miss out on business due to changes in market demands.

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