Here at Citrus Rain digital fabric printing company, we specialise in high-resolution and full-colour digital fabric printing services that allow you to create your own custom fabric.

Print your own design onto quality woven textiles and natural fibre fabrics for an original design idea or marketing tool. Get creative with patterns and bring your sewing projects to life!

We can recreate any digital-based image, whether it is your own art, photography, business logo or graphics, onto an extensive range of fashion accessories and home decor.

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Digital Textile Printing – Personalised Textile Printing

Fast Turnaround

Digital fabric printing is a type of short-run printing; a print-on-demand service that produces small batches of printed materials for a fast turnaround.

This method of manufacturing has a lower unit cost, making it more affordable for the customer.

Custom Printed Fabrics

Create your own custom fabric with digital fabric printing.

At Citrus Rain, we can personalise a range of fashion and dress products with your own art, such as custom bags, t-shirts, cushions and scarves.

Our digital printing service places no limits on your creative freedom, as long as the design can be sent via digital format.

Green Printing Technology

With Minimised Consumption of Water, Energy and Chemical Substances

Traditional printing methods use a bespoke printing plate for each print job, but this is not the case with the digital process, which involves fewer materials and generates minimal waste.

Citrus Rain digital fabric printing uses quality, certified pigment inks to colour our fabric bases.

For organic cottons and conventional cotton fabrics, a high heat is used to set the colours, instead of water or chemical substances.

For poly fabrics, we use dye sublimation printing, which uses transfer paper and a calendering machine to apply the design.


Digital Fabric Printing Services

How Our Digital Fabric Printing Service Works

Go ahead and start your first digital print by selecting your perfect fabric and submitting your own design.

We offer a range of home decor items and clothing for you to print onto, or you can opt to print onto your own fabric and use the textiles as you require.

Choose the Type of Fabric You Want to Print On

Printing on fabric is what Citrus Rain digital fabric printers do best. Our range of fabrics, which you can explore here, are the best quality that we can ethically source.

Choosing your fabric type is one of the most enjoyable parts of any textile project. It can be difficult to select the right fabric, so we offer free sample swatch packs for you to get a feel of the material before making your final decision.

Alongside silks, which can be used for luxury accessories, here are some of our most popular textiles:

Ready To Print Designs

Our digital fabric printing service is streamlined for manufacturing printed fabrics using only digital technology. Designers can read our guidelines to see how to submit their digital image.

Otherwise, your creativity is not restricted by anything and we can bring your vision to life on linen or lycra; with custom labels or personalised requests!

Digital Print Quantity

Citrus Rain’s digital textile printing method is fast and flexible, allowing you to order in bulk and adjust your order quantity based on changing demands.

If you are a commercial customer, be assured that we operate a short run printing process that guarantees you do not miss out on business.

Note: We may have a minimum order quantity that applies to some textile products.



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How does fabric printing work?

If you contact our friendly sales team to discuss your design ideas, they will guide you through to the next steps of the digital textile printing process.

Our designers will email over a competitive quote and an accurate design proof based on your specifications.

If you agree to go ahead, your custom printed fabrics will go to print at our UK facility in Manchester.

Once your minimum order has been printed, your fabrics will be packaged and dispatched with tracking services.


At Citrus Rain we can ship worldwide.

Dispatch can be guaranteed within 15 working days, but season and order quantity can influence this timeframe.

If you would like to look into next day delivery, contact our sales team.


Is digital fabric printing expensive?

Printing on fabric with a digital process uses short runs, and is therefore the cheapest printing option available.

The colours that you choose for your custom printed fabric do not affect the unit price, which is generally given per 1 running metre of fabric.

Ordering in bulk can grant you a bulk discount. Contact our sales team to get a quote today!


Citrus Rain Digital Fabric Printing Company

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Based in Manchester, UK, Citrus Rain is a market-leading digital printing company and textile manufacturer. One of our long-term aims is to elevate local manufacturing and help regenerate the textile industry in Britain.

We offer a range of custom services that accommodate any textile project. We appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into any creative process and it is one of our goals to help you achieve your vision.

Business fluctuates for many companies throughout the year and one of the benefits of our localised printing system is that it is fast and flexible, allowing for changes in market demands and ensuring that our customers do not miss out on business.

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