Citrus Rain provides a full range of digital textile printing services, using the highest quality printing technology to ensure that every finished product faithfully recreates the initial design.

It is no exaggeration to say that whatever your requirements for digital printing on to textiles and fabrics, we can deliver.

We work with many individuals who want digitally printed fabrics for personal reasons – for home furnishings or as gifts for instance – but we also work with leading brands, for whom image is key.

Our clients include Lego, both the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, the BBC and huge businesses such as Virgin, O2 and Mastercard. These clients are repeat customers, loyal because of our high standards and ability to create the vibrant, printed fabrics they rely upon.

Printed Fabric and Textiles – Services Offered

Bespoke – we can provide digital printing on to whatever fabric you are using, please contact us to discuss the details of your requirements.

Our popular print services include:

Printed Towels

We ensure brands, logos and designs are faithfully and vibrantly reproduced on to printer towels.

These are used by many professional sports teams and gyms, but they can also be bought by individuals, for instance a family might want printed swim towels that remind them of a favourite holiday.

We offer three standard sizes – the golf towel, fitness towel and swimming towel but can also accommodate bespoke sizes.

The towels are 100% microfibre and easy to clean and dry, they are an environmental choice, but also more hygienic than other materials, removing up to 99% of bacteria.

The towels are durable for around 1,000 washes typically – they remain vibrant because of the print quality.

Printed Tablecloths

Using our printing service to create tablecloths is popular for events – where there are a number of exhibitors, this is the type of affordable extra detail that can make anyone stand and display stand out that bit more.

We print in HD on to base white fabrics, this ensuring there are endless possibilities. High quality, high-resolution graphics and photos can be recreated and we can colour match any colours – this ensuring brand consistency.

Our tablecloths are all made to measure (larger products can be made in sections) and have a four-needle overlock hem.

Cushion Printing

Cushion printing creates products that can be used to brighten a set, a reception, or even just the lounge at home.

Our fabric printing services have seen us create cushions shown on the set by the BBC and at two successive Olympic Games.

The cushions can be made on a range of fabrics, these including satin, suede, rib, silk twill and more and come in three standard sizes with bespoke options to print on also available.

Your colours can be accurately recreated in print and so the finished fabric will be an accurate portrayal of the design.

The quality of the cushions is demonstrated both by the repeat orders of major businesses, but also the testimonials happy customers leave.

Two recent examples are:

“just a quick email to tell you now delighted I am with the cushions, they are absolutely beautiful.”

“just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help. I received the cushions today and they were far beyond anything I was expecting… They are absolutely fantastic! I’m so impressed with them.”

Fabric Printing Material Options

We offer a wide range of fabrics on to which textile printing can be applied.

We also appreciate that you may not be certain which fabric would be the best option for your requirements, the choice can be somewhat overwhelming.

We are happy to provide samples and also answer any queries and help advise as to the best options for the print job. If, for instance, you were considering digitally printed cushions we could ask questions about their use, the look you are aiming for, take a look at the proposed design and suggest the best option.

Fabrics include silk, silk twill, suede, rib, satin, linen, lycra and many, many more besides. Please visit the fabrics section of the site to have a look at a few examples – there are further details and example uses for each.

Each product page also displays the textiles that can be used for that item – for instance you can easily see the printed fabric options that you could choose between for a cushion or tablecloth.

Fast Turnaround on Fabric Printing Services

We pride ourselves on superb levels of customer service, this demonstrated in impartial reviews.

Lead times for many print products are around 10 to 15 days, this from when design is agreed. however, we can also work to shorter timeframes as required and aim to be accommodating – please contact us if you are in need of printed fabric in a hurry.

Regardless of the deadline, the quality does not suffer – our digital textile printing always uses leading technology and the same care is taken over every job – whether a few cushions for the home or a huge order for a world-renowned brand. The printers are agnostic to who the client for that job is, they simply keep printing in high definition.

Digital print Case Studies

While the same care is taken over every job, some have been more newsworthy than others.

Olympic 2012 promotion UK
Olympic 2012 promotion UK

One case study is our work on the London 2012 Opening Ceremony. The organisers required some 500 metres of specialised fabric printing – this of course a deadline that could not be missed and the quality had to be superb.

The end result was that our fabrics were used on dresses that were seen by a global audience of 900 million viewers. The project was a challenge as the organisers wanted to use a fabric that was new to us, but we rose to the challenge.

Our ethos and ability to create high-quality printing on any fabric shone through.

Another example of digital fabric printing was for the BBC, who needed cushions to enliven their set in 2016.

The BBC sent us the artwork and specific, detailed colour requirements, these had to be matched precisely by the digital fabric printing software and technology.

After approval, the cushions were sent for production by our in-house team, they were then shipped to the client by May – well ahead of when they were needed for use.

This case study also demonstrates our ability to meet safety criteria, the BBC had flame retardant requirements relating to use within a commercial environment – we chose the 190 gram satin to meet requirements but also offer the vibrant digital fabric printing they required.

Why Consider Citrus Rain

We are hugely proud of our reputation for quality and reliability. On-site, we have numerous testimonials from previous customers – these with details of the business we supplied and the nature of the order.

On Google, we have a full five-star review average.

You can chat with us prior to any order to discuss your requirements and we can advise as to the best options to suit your needs – you may be unsure which fabric would be most suitable, allow us to help.

Please call us today on 0161 320 3637 or use our Contact Form.