Citrus Rain is a fabric printing company that offers digital fabric printing services to produce your own custom fabric.

We can digitally print your own designs, including artwork, graphics, logos, quotes and patterns, onto quality materials that we have in stock.

Our digital fabric printing service offers a fast turnaround at a low cost. We can print wholesale, or in small quantities depending on your requirements.

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Can I print on fabric with your digital fabric printing service?

Citrus Rain uses a reactive dye printing technique that produces full-colour, high-resolution images on any type of base fabric.

We not only offer digital printing on fabric for your home sewing needs, but we manufacture textile products as well. You can print your designs onto a cotton jersey, a scarf, a tablecloth, a dress, or any other fashion item. We also sell accessories such as bags, and home decor for interiors.

We have no limit on quantity, but there is sometimes a minimum order for these products.

Our print-on-demand service is fast and flexible, accounting for changes in business requirements and seasonal fluctuations. We’ll work with you to tailor our digital print service to your needs.


Digital Textile Printing – Personalised Textile Printing

Choose the Type of Fabric You Want to Print On

At Citrus Rain, we supply a variety of high quality fabric bases, including organic cottons, silks, lycra and linen.

Most of our textiles are easily machine washable at 40°C and able to be ironed. You can order a free fabric swatch to sample the fabric type before placing an order.

The base fabrics that we offer are ideal for absorbing the ink used during the printing process. This means that they remain colourfast throughout their lifetime and will display an exact colour match to your original design.

Print your own fabric from some of our most popular textiles:

See our full range of textiles here and get inspiration for your custom printed fabrics.

Ready to Print Designs

There are no limitations to the fabric designs you can and cannot create with our digital print services, as long as it can be sent via digital format. See our guidelines here. If you have specific questions, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly sales advisors!


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How does digital printing work?


Digital Fabric Printing Services

Green printing technology with minimised consumption of water, energy and chemical substances

Our short-run digital fabric printing uses the highest quality, certified pigment inks and generates minimal waste.

The fabric printing process for organic cotton and conventional cotton fabrics uses high heat to set the colours, instead of water or chemical substances.

When printing on fabric that contains polyester, we use dye sublimation printing, which uses transfer paper and a calendering machine to apply the design.


About Citrus Rain Digital Fabric Printing Company

Citrus Rain are UK digital fabric printers and designers based out of Manchester, but we ship worldwide. We aim to help elevate local manufacturing and the British textile industry as a whole. Offering a range of bespoke services, we can accommodate all types of textile products for all types of customer.

We are proud of our previous work with major brands such as Virgin Trains, MasterCard, Adidas, Lego, and the Rio 2016 Olympics.

We understand that business fluctuates for many companies throughout the year. For that reason, we run a fast and flexible production facility that takes into account changing market demands. We do not want our customers to miss out on business.

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