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During the course of 2017 Citrus Rain has printed and manufactured 1000’s of corporate gifts branded with company logos, identities and messages. Christmas is a particularly busy time for us because so many of our custom products make fantastic corporate gifts. Not only are our products attractive gestures to be given, they also help shine a spotlight on your brand.

Whether you are planning on presenting a gift from Citrus Rain to your employees or clients, each of our products can be personalised to suit its purpose.

Here are just a few ways we can help your company send out the perfect holiday message.

Corporate giveaways

Many businesses elect to manufacture bespoke products for a corporate giveaway. Most of us have received a cheap pen printed with a web address and company logo, but how many of us have received a fine silk scarf printed with a subtle design, something interesting, thoughtful or sensitive to the occasion, or something you would actually care for and use? Have a look at our range of customisable scarves and get inspired.

bentley-scarves    1

Marking an occasion

Companies often commemorate events with personal gifts and getting a balance of the occasion, design and product choice right really creates empathy with teams and customers. Virgin Galactic did just this after the great tragedy when Spaceship Two crashed in the Mojave dessert.  The VG team commissioned silk neck scarves printed with a representation of the constellations and hundreds of well wished statements for the team and families.

It was a very sensitive project and one that Citrus Rain was both happy and humbled to be a part of. If you feel your business needs to highlight an event or achievement made in 2017, a thoughtfully designed custom scarf or tie from us could be ideal.

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Client and themed gifts

December is an opportune time of year to send out gifts to clients to thank them for their custom. Not only do companies have the opportunity to create a bespoke gift with a warm message, positioning a logo in a tasteful way could mean more people see your brand whenever someone uses your gift.

As well as custom messaged gifts such as ties or handkerchiefs being great options to get your brand noticed at trade events, they also work well for seasonal occasions such as Valentine’s, Easter and especially Christmas. Contact Citrus Rain if you’re looking for a corporate gift with a personal touch that says ‘Thank you for your support in 2017’.

We have made great products for

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  • adidas
  • lego
  • lottery
  • mastercard
  • o2
  • virgin
  • london olympics
  • Rio 2016
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