Printed silk fabrics with your own custom design are a luxurious textile that are hugely popular with individuals and businesses alike.

For businesses, they can be a stunning addition to a work uniform, for instance printed silk scarves bring a touch of identity and make the company stand out.

For any individual, they can make a beautiful scarf, or tie, hanky, headscarf or other finished item – each of them helping to elevate an ensemble to something that bit more unique.

At Citrus Rain, we are true leaders in the field of printing on silk fabrics, we have a wide range of silk fabrics, each subtle different. We also have the very latest digital printing technology, this means we can match any colour and print colourfast designs that last.

Printed silk fabrics

Our reputation for excellence has seen us work with many huge brands, providing them with silk fabrics that have to catch the eye and subconsciously suggest quality. 

Our clients include Lego, Adidas, Mastercard and Virgin as well as the London Olympics and 2016 Olympics in Rio. Rio, of course, is famous for its carnival atmosphere and bright colours – only the highest quality silk fabrics would be suitable of standing out.

However, we do not only work with large companies, we use the same technology and expertise for clients of all sizes, whether multinational or individual shopper who wants a few printed silk items for personal use or to give as thoughtful gifts.

A Range of Silk Fabrics

We offer the following silk fabrics on which custom designs can be printed




Why Do People Love Printed Silk Fabrics?

Silk is a simply beautiful and luxurious fabric, there is nothing like it.

The process for manufacturing silk might not put you in mind of a stunning end product – it is a natural fabric made from the larvae silkworm.

The resultant fabric is soft to the touch, lustrous, it speaks of luxury. 

In a world of ever more automation, people value a natural product that takes some effort to produce, it is perhaps reassuring that the best things can still come from nature.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and, despite being lightweight is very strong – it is the strongest of natural fibres.

Quality Printing on Silk

Our Digital printing can colour match your logo, design, artwork or other to create a faithful reproduction on the silk fabric.

The finished look will vary depending on the type of silk, some have more of a matt appearance, others add a beautiful sheen.

We appreciate that you might not be an expert in the subtle differences between silks, you can order fabric swatches online or please contact us.

Our experience is huge, combined we have more than a century of experience in printing on fabrics. While others print on fabrics as an extra service, it is what we focus on and as such we have the latest technology and huge expertise. Printing on fabrics is what we do.

We are proud to be restoring the UK textile industry, local manufacture helps to reduce turn around times and also boost local economies, all this without leading to an increase in production cost.

Why Consider Citrus Rain

We are hugely proud of our reputation for quality and reliability. On-site, we have numerous testimonials from previous customers – these with details of the business we supplied and the nature of the order.

On Google, we have a full five-start review average.

You can chat with us prior to any order to discuss your requirements and we can advise as to the best options to suit your needs – you may be unsure which fabric would be most suitable, allow us to help.

Please call us today on 0161 320 3637 or use our Contact Form.