You may have noticed that roller blinds take up a lot of wall space. Choosing the right fabric is crucial for the aesthetic of the room, as any interior designer will know.

But a step further than the colour and the material is the design.

Here at Citrus Rain, we offer our bespoke printing services to help businesses make their brand more visible.

Printing your logo, images or messages onto roller blind fabric is a fantastic way to communicate your company values and create a positive and professional work environment.

What makes blinds even more effective as marketing tools is that they are visible two ways. People both sides of the window can view the design.

We offer a range of blind fabrics that are suited to different commercial – and domestic– spaces. They are functional but retain the element of creativity that can bring out the individual identity of your business.

We have no minimum order, so whether you are looking for the perfect blind for a single room or an entire office block, look no further.

Get in touch with our team online or on 0161 320 3637 to get your blind rolling!


Restaurant roller blind


Roller Blind Material


Blackout PVC Roller Blind Fabric

Our PVC blackout blind fabric can provide complete darkness no matter the time of day outside. Despite its opaque nature, this roller blind material can be printed in a wide range of tones, allowing company colours to be accurately reproduced.

The material is splash resistant and wipe clean, making it ideal for environments like photographic darkrooms where light control is essential and liquid may spill. It is also guaranteed as flame retardant.


Blackout Non-PVC Roller Blind Fabric

With 100% blackout properties, our blackout blind material is perfect for use in hotel rooms, presentation rooms and nurseries; any place where window light might cause a problem. Flame retardant and fully compliant to all regulations required in commercial and public settings, our roller blinds are also suited to domestic spaces. We can offer a range of different base colours for you to print your design or message on and match your company themes.


Energy Saver Blind Material

This blind material is designed to provide a cool atmosphere inside rooms that typically get hot when the sun is out. This includes offices, classrooms or laboratory spaces with south facing windows in high rise buildings and glass skyscrapers. It is made with a pearlised backing to reflect sunlight and reduce heat from solar energy, especially during the summer months.

The material is so named because of its ability to cut down air conditioning costs by naturally keeping the space cooler. Up to 76% of the sun’s thermal radiation can be reflected back into the atmosphere.


Standard Blind Fabric

Our standard roller blinds material is extremely versatile and suitable for any commercial environment. The fabric is designed to be the perfect canvas on which to print a logo or graphic design in high resolution.

This blind fabric has a lightfastness of 6+ and complies with DIN 4102 B1 flame retardancy specification, as well as possessing an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.


fabric samples


Custom Fabric Roller Blinds


Size Options

Whatever size your window, we can cover it! We make all blinds to measure but can provide:

A maximum window width of 230 cm (7 foot 6.5 inches)

A maximum window drop of 290 cm (9 foot 6.2 inches)



As long as your design can be transferred into a digital medium, it can be printed. This is the only limit to your creative freedom, otherwise you can print anything you want!

You can have the design facing inwards, or outwards, or both. You can print words, pictures, graphics or patterns.

We are available to talk through your possibilities in more detail.


Our Printing Process

We use a state-of-the-art digital printing process that allows us to print your designs in full colour and high resolution, keeping the image sharp no matter what the size.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious in our work. No chemicals will go down the drain during the printing process and all waste is recycled.

There is no minimum order for fabric roller blinds. Whether you are ordering a suite, or an individual blind for a special occasion, we can easily accommodate you.


Order and Delivery

Ordering your custom roller blinds material starts with you dropping us a line. This will give us the chance to talk with you about your requirements and design ideas.

Once we have agreed pricing and finalised the image you’d like printed, it takes roughly 15 days for your blind to be created. We do offer a fast track option for those working to a deadline.

Delivery is carried out by a secure national courier and will be tracked to your doorstep with proof of postage.


school roller blind fabric


Why choose Citrus Rain?

A British based printing company, Citrus Rain is passionate about reshoring textile manufacture to the UK. We are well established in our Manchester factory and have over 100 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of textiles.

Leaders in the digital printing field, Citrus Rain uses innovative printing techniques that make our services as flexible as possible while still retaining that premium quality.

It is important to us that we can meet your needs and we understand that business is not always stable. This is why we work hard to provide a tailored service that takes the individuality of your business and changing markets into account.

You can read our customer reviews here to see what others think about our services.

Give us a ring on 0161 320 3637 or contact us online to discover more about the potential of the right roller blind fabric.