If you are considering customising the roller blind fabric in your workplace, then you are really on to something.

Think about it. Windows take up a large amount of wall space. The blinds that cover them are sizeable and can be seen from both inside and outside the building.

Roller blind material is a giant blank canvas that most people don’t take advantage of.

The potential is huge. Whether you want to exhibit photographs; make the office a lively space with colour and motivational quotes; catch the attention of people on the street; or thread a professional theme throughout your workplace, roller blind material is the answer.

Inexpensive and a necessary item, fabric roller blinds are an overlooked weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Here at Citrus Rain, we offer bespoke printing services that can print any digital image onto blind material tailored to your windows. You do not need to be a commercial organisation; we cater to domestic settings too!

We require no minimal order. We can meet your needs whether you need one blind or one hundred.

Contact our team online or on 0161 320 3637 to find out how to start the design process.


Colourful Standard Roller Blind Fabric in a modern environment


Roller Blind Fabric


Blackout PVC Blind Fabric

The benefit of PVC blackout fabric is that it is splash resistant and wipe clean. It’s perfect for any environment that has the potential to get messy but requires tight control of natural light. This could be a nursery or a photographic dark room.

Completely effective at blocking out the light, even at high noon, this blind material can still accommodate the colours and images of your choice.


Blackout Non-PVC Blind Fabric

This traditional blackout material has been used successfully in hotel rooms, presentation rooms and studios by many of our clients. It can be printed in a variety of base colours with superposed images, while still retaining its primary function by providing 100% cover of darkness.


Energy Saver Blind Material

Roller blinds material in high rise offices with large, south-facing windows needs to do more than look pretty. To make the work space comfortable in the hot summer months, blinds should make the building cooler.

Our energy saver blinds are designed to save you money on air conditioning, naturally cooling the space by reflecting thermal energy back into the atmosphere. Their pearlised, external surface causes 76% of the sun’s rays to bounce off, deflecting solar heat and keeping internal temperatures down.


Standard Blind Fabric

The standard blind fabric that we use is designed to be cost effective but high in quality, providing the ideal surface for fine resolution digital printing. This material is smart enough for any commercial environment and has a colour-fastness of 6+.

All our blind material comes with a DIN 4102 B1 flame retardancy certification.


virgin trains roller blind material


Bespoke Fabric Roller Blinds


Blind Sizing

We can tailor your roller blind material to the size of your windows. All of our blinds are made to measure, but the maximum specifications are such:

A maximum window width of 230 cm (7 foot 6.5 inches)

A maximum window drop of 290 cm (9 foot 6.2 inches)


Design Options

You have full reign over the creative process behind your customised blind material. You can choose the direction in which your graphics are displayed, the font of any text, the colour and the pattern; really there is nothing that we cannot print digitally.

To give you some ideas, previous clients have printed their logo, the name of their establishment, artwork, photographs, quotes. The list goes on!


Citrus Rain Printing

Our printing process is fully digital. This means that we can print your blind fabric in superb definition and accurately match your company colours.

There is no minimum order requirement. You can print as many blinds as you need.

We try to make our printing process as environmentally sound as possible. We ensure that there is no contaminating discharge from our printers and recycle any surplus material and ink.

Give us a call to start designing your blind material today!


Delivery Details

Time of order to delivery can take up to 15 days, though we can accommodate a fast track option. We will use a secure national courier who can track your order and give proof of delivery upon request.


stylish restaurant blinds


About Citrus Rain Printers

We work out of the UK at our facility in Manchester. Once a major textile exporter, Britain’s textile industry has dramatically declined over time. Citrus Rain is proud of its heritage and hopes to aid in reshoring textile manufacture to the UK.

We have over a century of combined experience in the textile design industry and are leaders in digital printing technique. Our printing capabilities extend to practically any textile product. Fabric roller blinds are just one of many services we offer.

We understand how much detail goes into a design project and work hard to ensure your product meets your expectations. With our fast and flexible printing facilities we can accommodate fluctuations in market demand and make sure that you do not lose out on business.

See our customer reviews to learn what others thought of our services.

You can reach us on 0161 320 3637 or contact us online to speak to a member of our team and uncover the potential behind a suite of customised roller blinds.