Citrus Rain textile printers can digitally print any image onto material of your choice. Twill material is one of a variety of high-quality fabrics that we offer.

Due to its nature, twill can be used in the manufacture of a great number of textile products. But what is twill material, and how is it different to other types of fabric?

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What is Twill Fabric?

There are three fundamental types of textile: plain weave, satin weave and twill. These three materials are the oldest weaves in existence and have been used throughout millennia in the creation of clothing and other textile items.

Twill is not a type of fabric fibre, but a type of weave. Something can be made of twill if the cloth fibres are woven in a particular diagonal pattern.

Some twill materials will be made differently to one another and have a different structure, but it is the offset diagonal weave that they have in common.

It is unknown where in the world twill originated. Trade has had a great impact on the dissemination of weaving technique and archaeological evidence of twill material can be found in many cultures.


File:Twill weave.png - Wikimedia Commons
A 3 in 1 twill weave (David C Todd, 2018)


How is Twill Different to Other Weaves?

A twill weave has a diagonal pattern, while satin and plain weave both have straight patterns.

A twill pattern is achieved by passing the weft (horizontal) thread over one or more warp (vertical) threads and then passing it under two or more warp threads. It usually has a 45° left oblique, which is essentially the angle at which each row is offset from the one above, creating the diagonal pattern.

Twill material has a darker coloured front and a lighter back.

While twill’s diagonal pattern makes it unique and suitable for printing due to its high absorbency, there are several satin and plain weave advantages.

Satin has a glossy, lustrous finish, while plain weave is the simplest weave to create.


Uses of Twill Fabric

Plain cotton twill fabric is the most common type of twill, found in all manner of home textiles, such as denim jeans, slacks, shirts and bedding.

Twill can, however, be made from other types of fabric fibre and is often made with polyester or similar synthetic materials.

Twill fabric has an excellent draping ability and can be produced in high thread counts, making it an ideal material to work with for items like sheets, upholstery, tablecloths or drapes.

Patterns such as tweed, herringbone and houndstooth can be achieved with a twill weave.

One great advantage of twill is that it hides stains well.


Plain Cotton Twill Fabric at Citrus Rain

Here at Citrus Rain, we offer polyester and cotton twill fabric by the metre.

The fabric width is 150cm, with a printable width of 145cm.

A twill weave is the perfect surface for the Citrus Rain printing process. Its unique structure easily takes on the ink, creating a smooth and high resolution image that remains colourfast.

Twill weaves are categorized into fractions referencing how they are woven. Our twill has a 2/2 weave construction, which means that the weft is woven over 2 warp threads and under 2 warp threads.

This makes it incredibly durable and versatile, able to be ironed and machine washed at 40°C.

At 213-215 g/m², twill fabric is a medium weight material, suitable for medium to heavy duty use.

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Printed Cotton Twill Fabric 100% cotton, 150cm wide 213gsm
Digitally Printed Cotton Twill Fabric 100% cotton, 150cm wide 213gsm


Delivery Information

Delivery times are dependent on order size and how many metres of twill fabric you require.

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