Poplin fabric is one of the many high-quality materials we offer here at Citrus Rain textile printers.

Our poplin material is made from 100% cotton, but cotton is not the only fibre that this fabric can be constructed with.

It is the plain-weave structure comprised of a fine warp and thicker weft that gives poplin its durability, softness and luxurious sheen.

Read on to learn more about this fabric and the ways in which it can be used.

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What is poplin?

Poplin fabric is a fine, plain-weave fabric with a horizontal warp and vertical weft.

It is well-known and widely popular for its combination of durable, soft and lustrous properties. It holds its shape well, which makes it a delight to work with on textile projects.

Poplin originated in 15th century Europe and its name derives from the French papeline and papelino fabrics which were termed after the papal residence in the city of Avignon.


Is poplin the same as cotton?

Poplin and cotton have become virtually synonymous due to the popularity of using cotton fibres in poplin cloth. However, poplin is not exclusively made of cotton. In fact, it was traditionally made of a silk and wool blend.

Modern poplin fabrics are often 100% cotton, but you can find them in wool, silk, rayon or polyester.


How is poplin made?

Poplin is a plain-weave, composed of a fine warp yarn woven with a thicker weft yarn. Originally it would have been made with fine silk warp yarns with a weft of heavier wool or worsted yarn. Modern variations, including cotton, still use two yarns of different thicknesses in a plain-weave.

This weave is what gives poplin its ribbed texture, its lustrous sheen, its softness and its strength.

Poplin is often confused with broadcloth, since both fabrics are woven the same way. However, broadcloth uses a thicker yarn for a sturdier fabric.


What can poplin be used for?

Poplin is an extremely versatile material, offering both durability and elegance. For this reason, it has been a traditional choice for women’s dresses. It was usually seen as casual attire, but its texture and use of silk made it passable at more formal events, such as balls.

In the 19th century, poplin was used widely for upholstery. In the Second World War, it was used in US uniforms for its lightweight and durable properties.

Poplin is a timeless fabric because it is comfortable, stylish and easy to maintain. Today, it is commonly used in summer clothing, such as shirts and dresses, as well as sportswear and raincoats. It is also used in high-end fashion items, pocket squares and head scarves.


Properties of Poplin:


Cotton Poplin Fabric
Digitally Printed Cotton Poplin Fabric 100% cotton 145cm wide 130gsm


What is Citrus Rain’s poplin fabric like?

Poplin is an ideal choice for printing and is suitable for a wide range of projects. Due to its structure, semi-translucent appearance and tautness, it presents colour beautifully.

With our state-of-the-art printing techniques and colourfast inks, Citrus Rain avoids the lighter colour payoff and washed-out effect that can sometimes result on lighter-weight materials.

At Citrus Rain, we offer 100% natural cotton poplin in the following dimensions:

Typically, poplin is machine washable at 60 degrees, but with printed poplin, we recommend dry clean only.

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