Brent Council Branded Scarfs and Ties

Brent Council Branded Scarfs and Ties

Brent’s customer services centre is an extremely busy office that greets many local residents each day. It is important for the office to project an accurate corporate identity, with a clean and uniformed appearance. In addition to the blouses and shirts the counter staff wore, Brent’s customer services centre wanted to reinforce their corporate colours. Our team worked with the office to design a line of bespoke scarves and ties printed with their particular brand colours.

Both the scarves and ties needed to be functional, correctly colour matched to Brent’s branding, and because they were an everyday wear item, they needed to offer years of use.

We chose to use synthetic fabrics for their durability, value for money and because the high quality of the material made it look and feel indistinguishable from natural silk.

Citrus Rain offered a lightweight airy chiffon for the ladies scarves, which is very comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, and carried the corporate logo well. We produced clip-on ties in line with health and safety requirements and considered the best placement of the logo to ensure each tie length displayed it in the same position when worn.

We were pleased to offer our services on this project and appreciated the opportunity to create cohesive designs to add an additional flair to Brent staff’s uniforms.

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