If you have a question about our process, fabrics, services or prices, you might find your answer here. The information below has been compiled by our expert team but if you cannot find what you are looking for or need further details, please get in contact.

We can accept most formats, such as jpeg, tiff, pdf, eps, psd, png, raw, ai (V2).

It is always better if you can provide your artwork at full size, however if this is not possible, then a minimum of 50% size is required, however you MUST advise us of the time of placing your order what the finished size of your print will be, we cannot accept any responsibility for incorrect sizes.

We recommend a minimum of 150 dpi for all files, but if a higher resolution version is available, then we would prefer this.

As we apply our own colour profiles for print, then either format is acceptable.

We usually take customers files and print them directly without any alteration to the colours of the design, to a commercially acceptable standard. If you have specific colour requirements, then you must provide a full colour CAD of the print at the time of the order, and if there are any significant colour changes required, then you may be charged for this service.

For fabric printing this is not necessary, however for any of our products, such as scarves, cushions, bar runners, printed floor products, tablecloths, roller blinds, wallpaper, all designs must be provided with a 5 mm bleed all round.

As all our print processes are fully digital, there are few limitations as to artworks that we are able to print. We recommend that if you want to print text within any of your artwork files, that the minimum font size is 12 points for standard fonts, and 18 points for italic fonts, to ensure that your text will not be blurred. There are certain fabrics however, such as the stretch fabrics, that require text to be 20 points +.

For printed products such as scarves, tablecloths, roller blinds, cushions, wallpaper, bar runners and printed mats, we recommend that any significant design element is placed at least 3 cm from the edge of the print, so that loss of imagery does not occur.

All artwork that is intended for continuous printing should be provided in a format that repeats. We can take a single repeat of your design and step this out for you, BUT the artwork must be in a repeat that requires no alteration prior to print. Any designs that require the artwork to be altered in any way will incur an additional charge.

Yes we can print onto your own fabric, however this must be 100% polyester, and we will need to test an initial samples to ensure that the fabric works with our processing routes. We do not accept any responsibility for orders where the customer provides their own fabric in terms of such occurrences as shrinkage, performance after printing, washing etc.

With all orders we have to check the files and the colours for the designs that we are to print. We need to ensure that the resolution of the files is sufficient, that there are no design elements that are placed in the bleed area, check the repeat to ensure that this is a free flowing repeat, resize the design where necessary, and then set the files up to print, and the order set up charge covers all aspects of this process.

You can have as many different designs within one order as you require. You will only pay one order setup charge for the order, irrespective of the number of designs.

We can deliver to anywhere in the world for you, and the relevant delivery charges will apply.

We have very stringent policies regarding our customer’s designs and artwork, and when your order has been completed, your artwork will be archived on our design system in case you choose to repeat your order with us. We never disclose out customers artworks to anyone, unless we have been given express permission by the owner of the artwork.

Some images that you may come across may be subject to copyright, and as such, unless you have the permission of the owner of the copyright, we cannot reproduce these for you. Images that are not subject to copyright are images that we can work with.