At Citrus Rain, we like a challenge and our team of fabric technologists and printers constantly evaluate new product requests. In fact, all the products available on our website have gone through extensive new product development (NPD) prior to be being released as standard offerings. We strive to offer our customers new products and services and requests with technical and commercial validity go into our NPD programme.

Important considerations we take into account before committing a new project to our NPD programme are:

If your request passes these questions, we will begin development work. Citrus Rain receives simple requests such as new scarf or cushion sizes, as well as more complex ones requiring new fabrics or printing techniques, so the potential research and development time determines how quickly we can achieve turnaround.

In need of a more bespoke item?

We hope our standard products will meet your requirements but if you need a little more flexibility, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of print experts. We are happy to discuss new projects with you.