Capitalise on Citrus Rain’s innovative digital printing technique to produce your own custom wallpaper.

Whether you have your own artwork at the ready, or would like help putting together the perfect design, Citrus Rain can provide you with the tools you need to transform your space.

We provide a quality, no-fuss product that is easy to apply. Add colour and interest to your environment while remaining under budget.

Contact our sales team online or on 0161 320 3637 to get the process started.


bespoke printed wallpaper of sunflowers


Why invest in custom wallpaper?

If you are looking for a creative and affordable way to personalise your space, why not consider custom wallpaper?

Whether you are a private individual or a budding business, Citrus Rain allows you to print your very own wall coverings. Inject more of your personality and your culture into your home or shop unit.

Citrus Rain prints a commercial grade of wallpaper that is perfect for quick and easy installation, ensuring you keep on schedule and below budget.

You have complete freedom with the design; choose to include a motto, images, quotes, artwork and other designs that fit with your interior theme.

With unique wall coverings, you can completely transform the atmosphere of your property and engage people’s attention in a fun and subtle way.


Custom Wallpaper Choices

Paper Type

Citrus Rain supplies a flame retardant grade of wallpaper that is suitable for commercial outfitting. It comes with full FSC credentials and has a non-woven structure that contains no PVC.

Our paper can be applied using water-based paste and will not shrink as the paste dries.

Roll Size

We offer roll widths of 70cm with a 10m drop, though bespoke sizes are available upon enquiry.

Your wallpaper will arrive trimmed and ready for immediate hanging.

Paste Mix

Citrus Rain supplies a water-based, premixed paste that complements the paper we use. It can be applied directly to the wall, ready for the fast installation of the dry paper.

Installation Process

We have taken into account the time it takes to install the wallpaper you order from us. We want to reduce the chance of human error, avoiding any costly mistakes.

When each roll of wallpaper is unpacked, the installer will see a drop position guide printed at the head of each sheet of wallpaper. This indicates the position of that particular sheet within the design, enabling the installer to understand the sequence in which the rolls need to be installed.


Custom Wallpaper Printing – How does it work?

Contact us to start discussing custom design ideas for your wallpaper. When your proof is ready, we’ll email it over for your approval, along with a competitive quote.

The proof will give you an idea of the proportions of your design and how it will be split across the wallpaper roll widths.

Once the proof is approved, the wallpaper is printed and trimmed to a width suitable for hanging straight away.

Delivery Details

Dispatch is generally within 5 working days of your order placement, unless you request our fast-track option. This time frame can vary from season to season.

The product is packed in bulk and delivered by a tracked courier service.


Citrus Rain – Custom Printers

Citrus Rain is part of the Manchester Manufacturing Group. We produce a wide range of bespoke textile products right here in the UK.

With more than a century of combined experience in the textile design industry, we have become leaders in digital printing onto practically any textile product.

We have worked with prominent brands, such as the BBC, Virgin Trains, MasterCard, Adidas and Lego, but we also cater to local businesses which require a flexible service on a smaller, seasonal scale.

Please call  0161 320 3637 or contact us online to speak to a member of our sales team.