Look no further than Citrus Rain for contract wallpaper that will transform your commercial unit into an attractive space for clients and customers.

Decorate your walls with custom printed wallcoverings to bring your environment to life and advertise your brand.

Citrus Rain’s high-resolution digital printing technology can translate any design onto large scale wallcoverings, tailored specifically to the measurements of your building.

In the past, we have outfitted restaurants, offices, shop units, reception areas, schools and hospitals with commercial wallpaper.

We understand the restraints that a budget can have on the potential for interior design and want you to get the very best at affordable prices.

To begin exploring the potential of your commercial space, please contact our sales team online or on 0161 320 3637 today.


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Why consider commercial wallcoverings?

Whether you’re just starting out or have decided that it’s time to refurbish, the interior design of your commercial space will have a big impact on customer experience.

The feel of a place – the ‘vibe’ if you will – is something that can keep customers coming back.

Colours, lighting and tones often influence how comfortable and at ease people feel in your business establishment. Something as simple as wallcoverings can manipulate the energy in the room.

Similarly, in some commercial environments such as waiting rooms, having interesting features on the walls can focus people’s attention, keeping them engaged as they pass the time.

This is why how you choose to decorate your walls is so important. Wallpaper is usually a less expensive alternative to paint, especially when it comes to wall art. If you do not have someone on your team who is handy with a paintbrush, paying an artist to stencil your walls can be pricy.

With custom printed wallcoverings, you can easily create artwork, logos, or quotes in a fraction of the time. Add colour and character to a room to lift people’s spirits and showcase what you’re about.

Citrus Rain’s commercial wallcoverings are quick and easy to install, ensuring that you keep on schedule and below budget.


Features of Commercial Wallcoverings


Citrus Rain wallpaper is flame retardant and comes with full FSC credentials, meaning that it meets all regulations for commercial outfitting.

The paper’s non-woven structure, containing no PVC, makes it environmentally friendly and prevents it from shrinking when water-based paste is applied. The paper will be easy to peel off when the time comes to redecorate.


Our standard roll width is 70cm with a 10m drop, but bespoke sizes are available upon enquiry. We trim the edges to size after printing so that you can hang the wallcoverings as soon as you receive them.


Citrus Rain sells a water-based, pre-mixed paste that is specifically selected to be compatible with our commercial wallcoverings. The paste should be applied directly to the wall before the dry paper is layered on top.


We will print a drop position guide on the back of your custom wallpaper that indicates where each roll of wallpaper should be hung in relation to the others. After a moment of study, you will be able to assemble the design quickly and efficiently without making any costly errors.


Contact our sales team today to start creating your own commercial wallcoverings. Once we have an idea of your design concept, we will draw up a proof to show how the design will be split across roll widths and scaled to your walls. After you have approved the proof, the wallpaper will be printed and trimmed, ready for hanging.


Delivery dates will be confirmed at point of order, but dispatch generally occurs within 5 working days. Fast track options are available for pre-production samples. We use a tracked courier service; tracking details will be supplied at the point of dispatch.


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Why choose Citrus Rain custom printers?

Citrus Rain is a leader in the textile design industry thanks to our innovative digital printing technique. We are able to print virtually anything onto any textile product, whether that be wallpaper, curtains, tablecloths, cushions, or clothes. As part of the Manchester Manufacturing Group, we aim to help reshore textile manufacture to the UK.

We know how much blood, sweat and tears can go into setting up a business, but designing your interior space can be a creative and rewarding experience that pays off in the long run. Here at Citrus Rain, we want to provide you with the tools you need to bring your vision into this world, on time and within budget.

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