We always like a challenge at Citrus Rain and routinely set new internal records for ourselves and this month’s been no exception in our roller blind department…

Once up on a time blind widths of 240cm were challenging but bit by bit wider and wider blinds have been made, in part due to better understanding and we’ve also taken the benefit from investing in better and better manufacturing equipment, bigger wider manufacturing tables, automated sewing, wider inspection rigs etc. This month has culminated in the widest blind yet, a staggering 420cm wide.

We’ve made blinds close to this size before but we’ve never broken the 400cm barrier, there are many reasons for this. Certainly there are fewer properties with 400cm wide windows but also specialist components are required to cope with the weight, wide width fabrics are also fewer.

Finally everything came together and although the order was considered very carefully before we accepted it we decided it would be possible to produce whilst retaining acceptable safety margins to ensure our guarantees could be met. Our production manager looked slightly nervous at the prospect, the sales team remained confident, but there again they always are J , however as a team we made it and supplied our customer, they’d had the confidence in us all a long which ultimately paid off with a big thank you from their very satisfied customer…

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