Citrus Rain textile printers and manufacturers offer peachskin fabric as one of many quality materials in our comprehensive range.

Peachskin fabric, also known as peach skin velvet, is an artificial, thin-pile material that has a wide range of uses from clothing to décor.

It is commonly used, but not many people actually know its name. So what is peachskin fabric, and what are its properties?

The following article will introduce you to this popular material and help you to decide whether it is right for your textile project.


image of how Citrus Rain fabric samples look

What is peach skin cloth?

Peachskin fabric is named after its texture, which feels, quite plainly, like the skin of a peach.

The thin cloth has a fine, velvet-like finish on one side, produced by about 0.2mm of short micro-fibre pile that covers the surface.

It is possible to get peachskin as a plain weave, twill weave, or satin weave construction; the three original weaves.

Peachskin can be finished in a number of ways, for different purposes. These include coatings – such as PA, PU, PVC, waterproof, three-proof, breathable/moisture-permeable, antistatic and flame retardant – as well as printing (offered by Citrus Rain), calendaring and embossing.


What is peachskin fabric made of?

Peachskin fabric is woven with polyester or nylon fibres. China is the main producer of this material.

If other textile fibres – such as wool or cotton – are used, the abrasion process that the fabric undergoes will form a flannel-type material, instead of the fuzzy peach skin texture.

Only synthetic fibres can achieve peach skin cloth.


How is peachskin fabric made?

Once the polyester or nylon fibres have been woven into their desired weave (twill, plain or satin), the surface of the fabric is abraded.

Abrasion can be carried out using emery cloth and sandpaper rollers, or chemicals. It is this process that makes the surface as fuzzy as a real peach.

The resulting nap of the material is not always perceived by eye, making the fabric look a bit like silk, however, it is velvety to the touch.


What is the difference between peach skin velvet and artificial suede?

Peach skin velvet is a derivative of artificial suede. Both materials are made from synthetic polyester fibres and undergo a similar abrasion process.

Suede most often uses a twill weave or a satin weave, while peachskin can be made with all three original weaves.

Unlike suede, peachskin is not wet treated with polyurethane, so it has a softer texture and an elegant sheen.


What can peachskin fabric be used for?

Peachskin’s soft and breathable qualities make it perfect for bed linen, sports-wear and any type of clothing. The fabric can even be made into hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bed sets for people with medical or allergy requirements.

The fact that it uses nylon and polyester fibres means that it can be used in water-resistant products, such as lightweight rain jackets and beach-wear.

Moreover, the silky, sophisticated feel and look of the fabric makes it a popular choice for fashions items and accessories, such as lingerie, scarves and pocket squares. For similar reasons, it can be used as décor for furniture coverings and curtains.

Peachskin has many uses and is unlikely to go out of style.


Advantages of Peach Skin Velvet


Disadvantages of Peach Skin Velvet


Printed Peach Skin Fabric 100% polyester 145cm wide


Citrus Rain’s Peachskin Material

Citrus Rain’s lightweight and luxurious peachskin fabric is easy to handle and sew. Peachskin has a slightly brushed handle, which makes if wonderfully soft and gives it excellent drape.

The material is perfect for our digital print process. The matt surface and general weight of the fabric allows it to accept ink from our printers extremely well. It results in a one-sided print, suitable for a wide range of end uses.

The specifications for Citrus Rain’s peachskin textile are as follows:

Citrus Rain textile printers and manufacturers are based in Manchester. As a company, we are passionate about reinstating UK textile manufacture. We use an innovative digital printing technique to print any design onto high-quality material, in full colour and high resolution.

To sample our material, please order a free fabric swatch here. Otherwise, ask us about peachskin fabric by phoning 0161 320 3637 or emailing us online.