At Citrus Rain, we can digitally print any image or pattern onto material of your choice. We offer a variety of high-quality fabrics for you to choose from, such as printed satin fabric.

Satin is a highly functional and versatile material, yet it also offers a little touch of luxury that can really spruce up the appearance of an item.

But what is satin actually made of?

It is important to ask these kinds of questions as we become more and more aware of where we source the things we purchase and consider whether they are sustainable.

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What is Satin Made of?

Satin is the name of a distinct type of fabric weave, known for its smooth and glossy sheen on one side and its dull matt finish on the other.

A satin weave is mainly created through complex warp-faced weaving techniques. Warp yarns are ‘floated’ over several weft yarns, before going under a single weft thread.

There are several types of satin fabric, each made from different materials. Most stain fabrics are made with silk, nylon or polyester filament fibres.

Now, if a satin weave uses short-staple yarns instead of filament fibres, the fabric produced is technically called ‘sateen’. An example of this is cotton.

Sateen is usually weft-faced, where the weft yarns are floated over several warp yarns, before going under a single warp thread.


File:6-harness satin weave, 1x1cm lyocell sample.png - Wikimedia Commons
A 6-harness satin weave (Jan Široky, Barbora Široka and Thomas Bechtold, 2012)


What Can Satin be Used for?

A satin weave makes the fabric more flexible, allowing it to flow and drape beautifully around compound curves.

For this reason, satin is perfect for anything from curtains, tablecloths and bed runners to dresses, scarves and all manner of clothing.

The flat surface that a satin weave produces makes the fabric perfect for our digital printing techniques, ensuring a crisp, sharp and detailed print finish.


Types of Satin at Citrus Rain

Here at Citrus Rain, we offer 100% polyester satin as well as a 100% natural cotton sateen option.

190g Satin


Crepe Back Satin


Duchess Satin


Cotton Fine Warp Sateen


Our Printing Process

We use a state-of-the-art digital printing process that allows us to print your designs in full colour and high resolution, keeping the image sharp no matter what the size.

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious in our work. No chemicals leach into the environment and all waste is recycled.

All you need to do to start the process is get in touch. We can discuss your design ideas and come up with the perfect material for your needs.


Satin Fabric
Digitally Printed Satin Fabric


Delivery Information

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Current lead times are 12 – 15 working days from order confirmation to despatch.

Delivery is carried out by a secure national courier and will be tracked to your doorstep.

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About Citrus Rain

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