Agency Colleagues Looking at UK bespoke manufacturers for digital printing

As an agency, one of the most attractive features you can offer a business is the choice of a turn-key solution. Whether it’s a large business or a solo entrepreneur, most people contact agencies to get something done easily and quickly. Whether that be hiring an entire team of event management staff to help host an event or gathering people to build up a personalised trade stand for their next exhibition, there are plenty of reasons to contact an agency to get bulk work done quickly.

However, agencies need to realise that bespoke manufacturers can further enhance their all-in-one solutions. They’re the perfect partners for agencies because they can add some unique finishing touches that will give their clients an extra boost of confidence, professionalism in what they are offering and client satisfaction in their services. Let’s take a look at the 5 top reasons why an agency needs to partner with a bespoke UK manufacturer.

  1. Expert experience with digital printing

 In the past, we’ve worked with well-known clients such as the BBC and Virgin Trains, giving us plenty of high-level experience in the industry and making Citrus Rain one of most reliable bespoke digital printing companies in the U.K.

  1. Easily turn digital art into physical items

Many agencies, specifically marketing ones, have designers on hand who can create wonderful logos, beautiful artwork and eye-catching banners. In order to put that art to use, they need to partner up with a bespoke UK manufacturer, like Citrus Rain, that is capable of transferring their digital masterpieces onto physical items. We use a number of different printing methods to achieve the desired results that you want, and we also provide clients with several templates to help align their designs for our bespoke cushions, personalised scarves and tablecloths.

  1. Professional advice and consulting

Sometimes agencies undergo multiple revisions to get the perfect design for their clients. They want to avoid have issues at the last moment by not being able to get designs printed in time, or by not having spoken to industry experts. This is where Citrus Rain can save the day. We’re able to offer expert advice on what printing methods to use, trade show printing, transfer printing, and also give advice on what printing methods are suitable for the materials that the agency like to use.

High-quality digital printing will go a long way to improve brand identity for the agency’s clients, which is why many agencies are more than satisfied with the results they receive by partnering with Citrus Rain.

  1. Friendly with short production runs

 Citrus Rain understands that when an agency requests digital textile printing, be it for bespoke cushions or scarves, they only want a short production run. Far too many agencies pay for overpriced services because they don’t fully understand the various digital printing methods.

Citrus Rain can suggest bespoke digital printing methods that are suitable for any number of orders. We offer low minimum order quantities and high-quality quick turnaround, giving agencies an immediate service for even the most last-minute of orders.

  1. Personalised gifts are a nice gesture

 When an agency works together with a business or a company, they want to ensure that they’re providing them with the best quality available. When the client in question needs to hand out gifts for one reason or another, they don’t want their bespoke cushions to be tacky things that are thrown away at the end of the day.

Citrus rain has produced products for some prominent events in the past such as the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony and the BBC in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. If you want your event or company to get a similar reception, then Citrus Rain is the choice for you!

Agencies – let us know about your experiences and how beneficial bespoke products have been to your work. If you want anymore information on our high quality services of products please get in touch with us here.

We have made great products for

  • betfair
  • adidas
  • lego
  • lottery
  • mastercard
  • o2
  • virgin
  • london olympics
  • Rio 2016
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